Sep 3, 2010

Strolling down the Southbank

The Southbank is London's beach. Not a feet in the sand, balmy ocean breeze kind of way. More in a flat stretch along a waterway where you bring a date if you're having a hard time getting her/him to snog you.

It's also a great place to come for a stroll on weekends. London is a very flat city, and you don't get to see a lot of open spaces and good views when you're downtown. The Southbank just gives you that breathing room, an expanded horizon of sorts.

It's also full of attractions, from the Tate Modern to the BFI, the London Eye and even an Aquarium (waiting to procreate before hitting the latter, thank you very much).

This is also where them young'uns come to skate, or break dance, or even do ballet.

A good place to come and chill, a final tryst with the summer breeze...

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