Aug 28, 2010

The Jean Nouvel Pavillion at The Serpentine Gallery

Le rouge et le Blaaaghhh....Two thumbs down, really.
Jean Nouvel, the Quai Branly and now this? You're slipping buddy...
I can just picture the swanky maquettes, but the execution is, yet again, so poor.
The pavillion at The Serpentine looks reasonably interesting from far, although red against the park green, well, been there, done that...

From close, it's a tawdry affair, with garish curtains, heavy-handed furnishings....It's the oldest rule in the style book, if you're going for head to toe red, you better make sure your tailoring and trimmings are perfect, it's the most unforgiving of colors.

It feels like the Campari lounge at some cheap resort town!

Tsc tsc, Jean Nouvel...

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