Sep 21, 2010

London's best cocktail bars

I find myself emboldened by this whole blogging thing to go on a journey that may result in the loss of my cash, my liver, and whatever shred is left of my dignity. I m going to explore the best cocktail joints in London. There’s very many to choose from, The Connaught, The Floridita, Milk and Honey. Time Out has a top fifty. I don t think I can survive trying out 50 cocktail bars. I m likely to get hammered at each one I walk through.

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After some debate with the experts, I ve narrowed it down to about nine:

Mark’s bar at Hix
The Connaught
The Milk and Honey
Lounge Lover
Portobello Star
69 Colebrook Rowe
Trailer Happiness

I m going to try and make it to two at a time, but I make no guarantees. I m getting my debonair couture on and heading to the Lounge Lover. Please ignore any slurred middle of the night posts.

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