Sep 21, 2010

New Autumn Menu at Ducasse!

I'm a sucker for any foie gras dish by Alain Ducasse. Now foie gras is not the easiest thing to pull off, the high fatty content and delicate flavours require careful cooking and expert pairing.

The winter menu is chocked full of the stuff, and I can't wait to taste the"Seared duck FOIE GRAS, potato gnocchi, cep mushrooms and fresh almonds" on the new menu.

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The full menu further includes a roasted scottish lobster, scallops and caviar. Classic, luxurious, no bullshit french fare, just how I like it.

The full autumn menu will indeed set you back a luxurious, no bullshit, £180 pounds per head, plus £90 for the wine pairing.

Steep, yes. But very well worth it. I'll report back as soon as I make my way there....

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  1. Can´t wait!!
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