Jan 27, 2011

London Cheap Eats: Gallipolli

This one is maybe not the best Turkish food in the region (it's Stokey, that's a tall order), but it's probably the cutest. Ambiance is lacking at the more traditional places.

The location is perfect, right on Upper St., and the decoration, with all the lamps hanging from the ceiling, really sets the mood. Great for a date.

The Iskender, yoghurt, lamb, pitta, "special sauce" is great, the hoummous is also good. The tarama was a little dreck, I'm afraid.

They also only serve an obscure Turkish beer, which is rubbish, however authentic....

But all in all a cute little spot for an unpretentious dinner, and bonus points for ambiance..

The "Gallipolli" family comprises of three restaurants/bars on Upper Street, I prefer Bazaar.

107 Upper St, London, N1 1QP,
020 7226 53 33



  1. I really like this one......but it is a bit Angel-Turkish one..
    for the real turkish experience try Numara 31 on Kingsland Road!

  2. Fully agreed! It's a gentrified Turkish restaurant. But it's cute for a date, the real deal might be a bit too real...