Jan 26, 2011

Best London IPhone Apps

Ok. I have a problem. I'm completely addicted to my IPhone. It's not entirely healthy. On the other hand, I'm also addicted to red wine and I've never really gotten wasted on angry birds so all in all it's been positive.Wait. I've been late to meetings playing angry birds. Ok. I have a problem.

But really, the IPhone has some amazing tools for making your way around London. Here are some of the essentials:

1. OpenTable: lets you book a truckload of restaurants online.

2. Travel Deluxe: does what it says on t he tin. gives you the best travel itineraries on public transport, and shows you all the bus routes on google maps. which is awesome. and everybody knows that, after the bike, the real way to get around in London is on the bus. you sit on top. you see the sights. it's nice.

3. AroundMe: locates all the amenities, like cash points, pharmacies and stuff in the vicinity. real nifty.

4. TimeOut: it's kind of rubbish sometimes, but it does let you quickly find exhibitions, films and things to do around the city. and it's free. we like that.
5. Addison Lee: ESSENTIAL. get a trusted minicab home anywhere in the city, any time of the day or night.

6. Flixster: all films, reviews, showtimes. also free.

those are all amazing. i strongly recommend, and they're all rather cheap. there's some travel guide like things as well, but they're really expensive and not so useful. these are all free, or cost less than a pound.

of course you still need angry birds for the bus rides and what not.

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