Jan 18, 2011

Contemporary Art Stroll

This first weekend back in London beckoned for some ferocious cultural activity, and Gauguin at the Tate was just not going to cut "le Dijon". Give us some hype, some shock, some Brit grit!

Well, arguably anything showing at White Cube in Mason's Yard is already on the wrong side of avant-guarde (apres-guarde?), but Gilbert and George still do pack a punch. Their new show is made up of craftily amalgamated postcards, the cute "Greetings from the Old Smoke" kind, as well as the spurious, "Me love you long time" kind. The latter were picked up along our famous red phone booths. All good kinky fun, and there is a visual rhythm of sorts to the assembled lot.

I then ventured past the most psychedelic window displays of Fortnum and Mason, into Dover Street, past the Acne and Yamamoto sales (was with boys, acting very artsy and unattached, must return with my good friend American Express, note to self!).

At Spruth Magers, a little gem of a palate cleanser with the new show from Cindy Sherman, all decked out in a King Arthur meets South Florida retirement home get up. The show was rather small, but it was great to see Ms. Sherman work the printed on wall photography thing, in quite large format. I guess if you're not familiar with her work, it's easy to miss the point, so have a wiki before you head, yeah?

Washed off all the culture with a fat burger and a pint in a seedy pub off Carnaby St. "London Grim(y) Eats". Damn I missed this city.


Cindy Sherman, until February 19
Sprüth Magers London
7A Grafton Street

Gilbert and George, until February 19
White Cube
25 Mason's Yard,

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