Aug 24, 2010

London Markets 2 - Broadway Market

If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, then head to Broadway market in East London. Ugh, I hate to sound like a forty-five year old radio talk show host, but it’s “ hipster central”. Also held on Saturday, it’s a great ambiance (ugh, again), with musicians playing their instruments, people strolling around in their best “I just threw this on” ensembles, great organic farm products, and a little vintage
stall with goolljuss dresses , at twenty quid each. You can grab lunch at one of the pubs, the Cat and Mutton is particularly popular and draws a nice looking kind of crowd, or you can go sit in the park, drink a cider and bask in the intermittent sunshine.

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Dalston Market is near by, in all its trashy, cool, and afro effervescence. For multicolored lash extensions, okra, and other basic necessities. It's a short walk from Broadway Market, just head to Dalston station and you're there.

If you’re feeling a bit more high-brow, head to Vyner Street (, with its hidden art galleries. A lot of the up and coming artists in London are on display here, and you are likely to get a much fresher perspective of London’s contemporary art scene than you would in the West’s more “establishment” joints. It's a close and lovely little walk along the Regent's Canal from Broadway Market.

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Cat & Mutton
76 Broadway Market
London, E8 4QJ

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