May 31, 2011

Cass Art and Art Macabre Drawing Salons

I just got a pamphlet for what seems to be a really cool life drawing class. Kind of a macabre theme, to mix things up. I quite like the idea, life drawing can be a bit square. Something about the presence of naked people makes everyone act solemn.

Well maybe except for those sessions at the Joiners.

The first session is today, 31st of May, wit a Death at Sea theme. Knots and rope bondage.

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Then on the 14th of June, Kiss of Death, a murder romance kind of thing.

Then finally 28th of June Drop Dead Gorgeous, with a Miss Underworld 2011 Beauty Pageant and all sorts of vicious stuff.

Cass Art
67 Colebrooke Rowe, N1 8AB
7:30 PM,
tickets £8 at the door, including materials.

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