May 4, 2011

Best pizza in London, Datte Foco rules!

This is amazing. I've found the best pizza joint EVER in London, and it's right here in Stokey. I could cry.

They do pizza al taglio, in square, crunchy, perfect slices.

Wait. They deliver, and they're not expensive.. Pizza for two at around twenty pounds.

We had a slice with mozzarella, a slice without tomato sauce, with sausage and smoked cheese. So good and creamy and peppery over the crunchy dough I was scarfing it down straight from the box in the kitchen. Not pretty. We also had the classic rosemary potato. Scrumptious.

Their premises are quite small and uninviting, so I would say this is more of a take-out option than a restaurant. The staff are truly lovely though.

I guess they're quite new, and quite down the street, which is why people are still settling for the uninspired stuff from Il Bacio. FORGET Il Bacio. This is where it's at.

Datte Foco
10 Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0LU
020 7254 6055


  1. Datte Focco is everything you could wish for in a Pizzeria. Great Atmosphere. Great Slices. Crispiest Crust. Finest Ingredients. Charming Staff. Selection of fine Italian Wine. Nice friendly Waitresses. Pleasant and passionate Owners. Freshest and tastiest ingredients and toppings. I never thought you would be able to get an authentic Italian Pizzeria outside Rome but Datte Focco have achieved this remarkable feat. If you have not been there yet get down there quick to try it out.

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