Feb 16, 2011

Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts

The most beautifully curated show in ages, at the Royal Academy of Art. Most highly recommended.

The exhibition traces the evolution of sculpture in the UK since the beginning of the 20th century. It kicks off with a room of sculptures from the British Museum juxtaposed to modern works, demonstrating the importance of the influx of foreign references to the formation of a new vision for sculpture in the 20th century. It finishes with a cleverly titled "Sculpture as Image" room, adorned with Koons and Damien Hirst (like a really good one, before he sold out and became and advertiser).

Image courtesy of John Riddy/© Tate, London 2010/© Barford Sculptures Ltd/Anthony Caro

And whilst in Piccadily, stop by Fortnum and Mason and pick up some green earl grey, will you darling?

Modern British Sculpture, 22 Jan–7 April, 2011
Royal Academy of Art
Burlington House
London W1J 0BD

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