Dec 1, 2010

The Boris Bikes are coming!

Now I haven't blogged about the "Boris bikes" yet because they were really only available to subscribers, which to me kind of defeated the purpose. The public bikes, which londoners have chosen to nickname "Boris bikes" in hommage to our oddly quiffed mayor, have docking stations around all of zone 1 and have turned out be a massive success.

Well, finally, this Friday, they will be opened up to the general public/tourists, who can rent the bikes for a £1 fee for 30 minutes. Now this is convenient timing, as the cold weather is sure to make people weary of cycling and the scheme is not likely to go overcapacity.

Although this is fantastic news for tourists, BEWARE of the traffic, we are all on the wrong side of the roads here!

In any case, as a militant cyclist, I urge you all to try it out, it is by far the fastest, and most pleasant way to explore the city.

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