Nov 8, 2010

London Breakfasts - Tina, We Salute You

London Brekkies. Meeting friends for brunch or breakfast is probably my favourite thing to do on the weekend. Yes, I'm getting old, thanks for pointing that out.

But whether you are in "geezerification" like myself or not, meeting friends for breakfast/brunch is a classic in this city, hangover or not. So I'm embarking on a new series, starting out with my favourite local, "Tina, We Salute You". Right of Newington Green, this unassuming little treasure serves amazing nosh in a setting that has a little hint of Berlin, maybe, with constantly changing artwork on the walls and a starkly modern vibe...

It's unassuming, quirky, but not pretentiously "alternative". The food is a dream, sourced from the best suppliers, the coffee great, the bread homemade, and if you're lucky to land a seat on the sofas, the ideal place to go through the papers.

The "winter menu" is out, all chorizo sandwiches and warm banana bread. I'll have two of everything, please...

Tina, We Salute You
47, King Henry s Walk
N1 4NH


  1. Que delicia Monique!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ta se divertindo né?!?! rsrs
    Bjo Tize

  2. Yamy Yamy Yamy!
    Our very own Matt Weasley tah impagavel. Dah pra colocar edicao de fotografia: Juliana Frasson please? Hahahaha!
    Proximo brunch eh Wolseley semana que vem!

  3. Fiquei com agua na boca!